Live Java Fern
Live Java Fern

Live Java Fern

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 Live Java Fern

One Piece, 3" x 6" or larger with 5-7 leaves 

Java Fern is an easy to grow, aquatic plant common to the aquarium hobby. This plant will do well in basic conditions with low to moderate light, has few special care requirements, and is a great beginner plant for all fish keepers.

Scientific Name: Microsorum pteropus
Origin: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
Growth Rate: Moderate
Propagation: Rhizome division

Skill Level: Beginner
Lighting: Low Light
Temperature: 68-82°F

- Rinse plant before adding to tank
- Gently plant roots into lava rock substrate
- Java Fern roots do not need to be planted and can be attached to wood or rocks

Aquatic plants will help keep aquarium water clean by absorbing byproducts of fish waste.