Dregea Pods
Dregea Pods

Dregea Pods

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Pack of Dried Dregea Pods 8 pcs.

(Pod size ~ approx. 3" ea.)

Dregea Pods are best for developing bio film to feed invertebrates and other livestock.  Overtime the pods will dissolve and leave behind fibrous strands. 

- Boil for 20-30 minutes or soak overnight to help pods sink.
- Only add a few pods at a time as the amount of tannins released may vary.  For a 2-gallon Betta fish tank, start by adding 1-2 pieces.  After 2 weeks most of the tannins will have leached out.
- Pods will begin to dissolve leaving behind fibrous strands over time.

Origin – Indonesia 

- Provides nutrition for invertebrates & other livestock
- Naturally tans water
- Helpful for breeding fish and invertebrates