The Boutique Betta Kit
The Boutique Betta Kit
The Boutique Betta Kit
The Boutique Betta Kit
The Boutique Betta Kit
The Boutique Betta Kit
The Boutique Betta Kit

The Boutique Betta Kit

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Give your betta fish the environment it needs and enjoy fish keeping with the Boutique Betta 2.1 gallon Aquarium Kit

Kit includes:
Glass Tank – 20x20x20cm~8x8x8 inches, low iron rimless style
Lava Rock Gravel – Highly porous natural gravel
Fish Food – 2oz. Betta-1 high protein formula
Treat – 1oz. Tap Water Conditioner
Cycle – 1oz. Good Bacteria
Soothe – 1oz. Soothing Solution for betta fish
Cycle Boost Powder Packet
Stainless Steel Net
Cleaning Sponge
Water Change Pitcher
Complete Guide Book

Glass Tank:
Rimless construction (no plastic frame) made from low iron glass for higher optical clarity and premium aesthetic.

Lava Rock Gravel:
Highly porous natural lava rock gravel, pre-rinsed and sourced from CA. 

Betta-1 Fish Food:
Provides betta fish with a balanced high protein diet meeting their nutritional needs.

Tap Water conditioner for the neutralization of harmful chlorine and heavy metals found in most tap water. Instantly makes tap water safe for use in aquariums.

Beneficial bacteria cultures keep aquarium water clean and healthy for fish by breaking down fish waste.

Soothe helps aquarium water mimic environments where natural tannins absorb into the aquatic habitat, which is beneficial for betta fish health.

Designed for dosing small betta aquariums the dropper dosing method allows accurate dosages of as little as 0.25ml at a time.

The telescopic stainless steel fish net makes scooping tank-mates easier and more enjoyable.  The water change pitcher includes additional instructions and makes water changes simpler and easier.

A complete guide book is included so even beginners can set up and enjoy keeping healthy betta fish with ease. Step by step instructions and thoughtful design make keeping a high end, high aesthetic, aquarium accessible for everyone.