Catappa Bark
Catappa Bark
Catappa Bark
Catappa Bark

Catappa Bark

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Pack of Dried Catappa Bark 8 pcs.

(Piece size ~ approx. 3"-5" ea.)

Catappa bark provides similar benefits to catappa leaves, but more intensely.

Catappa bark will buffer PH down, offer antibacterial and anti-fungal functions, develop a thin biofilm to supplement livestock diets, enhance fish and livestock coloration, and generally reduce stress for livestock.

In addition to soothing betta fish, catappa bark is mainly used for breeding fish and shrimp, and creating black-water conditions in aquariums.

- Catappa bark will develop a thin ‘bio-film’ surrounding the leaves under normal, healthy tank conditions.
- Add 1 piece at a time to 2 gallon tank.

Origin – Hawaii, USA

- Helpful for breeding betta fish
- Natural Acids will soothe fish and livestock
- Naturally tans water
- Provides hiding places for tank mates
- Enhances coloration