Cotton Pods
Cotton Pods
Cotton Pods

Cotton Pods

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Pack of Dried Cotton Pods 12 pcs.

(Pod size ~ approx. 2" ea.)

Cotton Pods release beneficial Humic and Fluvic acid into aquarium water, tan aquarium water, develop biofilm for invertebrate feeding, and have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

- Soak pods for 6-12 hours or until they sink before adding to tank.
- Add a few pods and loose pod parts at a time as the amount of tannins released may vary.  For a 2-gallon Betta fish tank, start by adding 2-3 pods.  After 2-4 weeks most of the tannins will have leached out of the pods and more can be added on a regular basis. 

Origin – USA

- Reduces accumulation of fungus and bacteria

- Natural tannins and acids will soothe fish and livestock
- Biofilm provides nutrition for invertebrates & other livestock
- Helpful for breeding fish and invertebrates
- Provides pleasing aesthetic