Guava Leaves
Guava Leaves
Guava Leaves

Guava Leaves

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Pack of Dried Guava Leaves 12 pcs.

(Leaf size ~ approx. 3” ea.)

Guava Leaves provide similar benefits as the catappa leaf: releasing acids and tannins into the water that reduce fish stress, offering antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, and creating tanned water, or ‘blackwater’ conditions. 

Guava leaves are desired among aquarium hobbyists because they dissolve slower than catappa leaves and provide a pleasing aesthetic. The thin biofilm that naturally develops and surrounds guava leaves has been used in the aquarium hobby to supplement the diet of invertebrate livestock.

- Guava leaves will develop a thin ‘bio-film’ surrounding the leaves under normal, healthy tank conditions.
- Guava leaves may take longer to sink than catappa leaves and if desired, can be boiled for 2-5 minutes before adding to the aquarium in order to help them sink.

Origin – California, USA

- Natural Acids will soothe fish and livestock
- Helpful for breeding betta fish
- Provide invertebrate livestock with additional vitamins
- Antibacterial and antifungal properties
- Naturally tans water
- Slow dissolving
- Provides pleasing aesthetic