Jackfruit Leaves
Jackfruit Leaves
Jackfruit Leaves
Jackfruit Leaves

Jackfruit Leaves

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Pack of Dried Jackfruit Leaves 8 pcs.

(Leaf size ~ approx. 4"-8” ea.)

Jackfruit Leaves offer more intense antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, creating tanned water, and buffering PH down.

Jackfruit leaves are also used to provide invertebrates and other livestock with a highly nutritional food source from the biofilm that naturally develops and surrounds leaves.

- Jackfruit leaves will develop a thin ‘bio-film’ surrounding the leaves under normal, healthy tank conditions.
- Jackfruit leaves will lower the PH of the tank water
- Gently rinse leaves before adding to tank or quickly boil to help leaves sink faster if desired.

Origin – Hawaii, USA

- Stronger antibacterial and anti-fungal properties
- Provides nutrition for invertebrates & other livestock
- Naturally lowers PH
- Helpful for breeding fish and invertebrates
- Naturally tans water
- Slow dissolving
- Provides pleasing aesthetic