Live Lava Rock Gravel

Live Lava Rock Gravel

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Live Cultured Natural Lava Rock Gravel, 50oz. (Ships Wet)

Live Gravel comes pre-cultured with good bacteria and ships wet and ready to use.

This substrate provides small crevices and pores where good bacteria accumulate and colonize keeping your tank cleaner and healthier.

- Do not rinse live gravel before use. 

- Do not use a “gravel vacuum” or attempt to clean or disturb the gravel substrate. Boutique Betta Porous Gravel used with Cycle Boost does not need to be cleaned or rinsed on a regular basis. This gravel acts as a natural aquarium filter where good bacteria colonize to break down fish waste; cleaning the gravel will disturb the natural bacteria cycle.

- If feeding instructions are followed properly and livestock are not over-fed the gravel can last indefinitely without cleaning. In the case that cleaning the gravel is necessary do not rinse in untreated or chlorinated tap water. Chlorine in tap water will harm good bacteria cultures within the gravel. Do not use any soap or chemicals to clean gravel.