Half Pear Pods
Half Pear Pods
Half Pear Pods

Half Pear Pods

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Pack of Dried Pear Half Pods 12 pcs.

(Pod size ~ approx. 1.5"-2.5" ea.)

Pear Pods release beneficial acids and tannins into aquarium water and naturally tan aquarium water.  Over time these pods will develop a thin biofilm that can provide an excellent food source for invertebrates. Pear pods also have a mild anti-bacterial and anti fungal effect.  

- Add a few pods at a time as the amount of tannins released may vary.  For a 2-gallon Betta fish tank, start by adding 2-3 pods.  
- To slightly reduce the tanning effect and help pods sink, soak pods in water for 24-48 hours before adding to the tank.
- To greatly reduce the tanning effect, boil pods for 15-20 minutes before adding into the tank (optional).  This will release tannins, help the pods to sink, and keep the aquarium water from turning brown.

Origin – USA

- Releases natural tannins that soothe fish and livestock
- Provides an optimal surface for microbial cultures
- Provides pleasing aesthetic
- Reduces accumulation of fungus and bacteria